How Our Personal Injury Lawyers In Sydney Can Help You

Sydney Personal Injury Lawyers

Spare Legal NSW is a Sydney-based law firm that provides clients with a team of highly skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers who work on a no win, no fee system. We offer legal services that cover a wide spectrum of personal injury law including motor vehicle or car accident claims, compensation law, medical negligence claims, workplace accident claims, and worker’s compensation. Situated in Sydney’s Central Business District, we have assisted hundreds of people just like you in Sydney and the greater surrounding areas to gain knowledge of their entitlements and legal rights that they can claim for, and to help them fight successfully and win.

Whether you have suffered a personal injury due to a workplace incident, a car accident, an injury in a public place, or professional negligence when it comes to medical procedures, advice and prescriptions, we can assist you with understanding exactly what personal injury claims you are entitled to under relevant laws. Our Sydney personal injury lawyers work on a no win, no fee basis, which means that if we are not successful in winning your case and helping you gain personal injury compensation, then you will not have to pay your legal fees.

It is common for people to ask for advice from family, friends and colleagues when they believe they have personal injury claims rather than getting legal advice from solicitors or a law firm that specialises in personal injury laws like we do. An injury can be physically and mentally distressing and leave one feeling vulnerable, so it is natural that people rely on the support and care of the people closest to them during these times.

Although the people who care for you and love you may offer you advice that is comforting, compassionate and well-meaning, we strongly recommend pursuing a professional opinion from a team of committed injury lawyers alongside the support from friends and family if you believe that your injuries were caused by the negligence of an institution, organisation or another individual. Your situation is personal for us too.

Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers has a vast array of experience in the areas of law that pertain to injuries just like yours. Besides offering a thorough and accurate explanation of what you are entitled to, our services and skills also extend to compassion, care and sensitivity. Our personal injury lawyers Sydney have worked for, and with, the recovery of susceptible people who need professional help that is honest and compensation. Your case deserves to be assessed and you are entitled to a lawyer who is straight-forward, clear and can help you comprehend the rights and legal complexities involved with your unique experience.

Accidents are not uncommon, but if you are in need of special care and are vulnerable due to an accident, then you have a right to support and care while you recuperate. If you have been injured or suffer from emotional anguish as the result of negligence by an organisation or individual, then you deserve personal injury compensation. The compensation you receive is the assistance you need to recover and claim your life back.

If you are uncertain about whether you have a claim for compensation that is legally justifiable, the first thing you should do is seek advice from legal professionals like our Sydney personal injury lawyers. Each one of our clients is offered a free case assessment, which means you can receive an expert and honest opinion regarding your claim and you will not be charged for the assessment. The reason we provide this is because we understand how confused you might be feeling right now and how hard it can be to reach out for assistance while you are receiving medical care, counselling or other forms of support. Many people live their lives without ever having to fully understand their personal entitlements and rights when it comes to insurance and situations like car or motor vehicle accident claims, medical negligence claims, and worker’s compensation. It is normal to be doubtful and unsure about what you are entitled to. That’s why we are here to provide you with the transparency you need to recuperate, recover and claim your life back

Our personal injury lawyers Sydney deal with claims for falls and slips in both public spaces and work environments. We can help you get a better understanding of your employer’s obligations and personal injury insurance. Our WorkCover legal specialists in NSW can extend their expert advice on how to make a claim for WorkCover successfully, dispute a decision on a claim, and understand insurance, compensation expectations and the limits on time that might apply to your situation. We will work on your behalf to give you representation that is in your best interests. It really depends on you where and how much we can help. Our job is to help our clients get a better grasp on the complexities and intricacies involved with negligence compensation, insurance and accidents as they apply to them.

Our no win no fee personal injury lawyers strongly believe that every Australian citizen is entitled to legal representation regardless of their financial situation. Our innovative no win, no fee system has provided many Australians access to legal representation, justice and compensation even for those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. The system was designed with precisely that goal in mind. Launched in 1994, the no win, no fee system came about as a direct response to growing concerns in the community that many were beyond the reach of access to legal justice, especially those who had no insurance or were restricted by a lack of financial resources.

No win, no fee is easy.

Basically you may not need to pay any legal bills if your claim is unsuccessful.

Your lawyer will explain this system in greater detail during your initial free consultation.

That being said, there are some situations, such as complicated Medical Law claims, where you may need to contribute to initial costs of investigative reports. Your lawyer can assess this and advise you about any extra costs that may arise before you agree to hire us.

Some cases cannot be run under the no win, no fee system.

We offer the no win, no fee arrangements on an individual case basis. In order for us to offer you this type of arrangement, there are a few requirements your case must meet:

The claim has legal merit

  • You would not be able to afford to act legally without the arrangement
  • You are fully cognizant of any potential costs that could arise in the preparation and running of your case
  • You are knowledgeable that there is always a risk that if your claim is not successful, you may have to pay the other party’s costs. This risk is present in all litigation.